Friday, 26 February 2016

Introducing myself......

I guess most people who will read this either know or follow me anyway, so I won't go into great detail, I guess these bullet points explain most things:

  • Divorced woman (very happily so!)
  • Amateur author
  • Semi-pro photographer
  • Qualified nurse
  • Parent to two brilliant children (now grown up)
  • Parent to one crazy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (dog owners will respect the parent description, everyone else forgive my indulgence!)
So that's me in a nut shell. There's a couple of other bits of importance but if you know me you know them already. I hate to repeat myself too much!

This Blog

So, onto this Blog. It's yet another travel Blog, and yes it's one with a difference undoubtedly!

When I was just six years old, my family moved into a house in Truro, Cornwall. The previous owner left a relief map of the south-west Britain on what would become my bedroom wall and I was fascinated by it! I's trace the roads over hills and mountains from Lands End in Cornwall to the tiny city of St.David's in Wales. My imagination knew no limits, except possibly at the age of six realising those ambitions would prove difficult!

Like many of us, I married young and while I don't wish this blog to become a personality assassination of my former partner, they sadly did not share my wander lust! Sure, we'd explore Cornwall together and once I managed to persuade them to drive down to Italy and back (in 2006) but the road trip I always wanted to do - since I was six - was a road trip from Land's End beyond the confines of that childhood map onwards to the tip of Scotland at John O'Groats!

Now, I realise I'm not the first to attempt this. One or two people have done this trip before! But I'm faced by a couple of factors:

  1. Most importantly as a single parent for several years, until my children started earning for themselves money has been short, my ex not paying a penny for their upkeep since the separation
  2. Time - I have ten to eleven days to complete this trip
  3. Locations - there's so much of the country I want to see! But will I have the time?????
So I have been drawing up my plans and arrangements accordingly. It won't be easy but with the help of friends on the way I intend to make this a brilliant photo blog leading to possibly a book at the end of the day - who knows!!!

But I really want to prove solo travel for the lone female is not only safe (within reason) but also fun and to be encouraged! "Life is for living," I often tell my daughter, "so live it!"

So please bookmark this page and follow my adventure. The date of travel starts on Monday 2nd May 2016, more details as I dream them up!!!!!!

Claire Stocker

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